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We are an export and import management service that focuses on service quality.

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WLS Logistic

We Provide Best quality.

WLS Logistics is a service engaged in Export & Import Management, Owned by CV Indo Logistik Cargo which focuses on online marketing. Established for more than 16 years and has been ISO certified. We are committed to always maintaining service quality and being a forwarder with the best service because we always prioritize the satisfaction of our clients.

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WLS Logistic.

We have an extensive network of offices in all major locations to assist you.

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How to order

WLS Logistics Order Process.

FCL Service Flow

  1. Consumer Sends Packinglist of goods to be loaded
  2. We Will Check the Hs Code and Total Cost Estimate
  3. Approved and agreed to the letter of cooperation of both parties
  4. Consumers Complete the required documents
  5. We will send the originaldoc to consumers
  6. We will ship until it arrives at the port of Indonesia
  7. Taking care of customs
  8. Sending goods to the port

Service LCL

  1. Consumers send goods data, packinglist

  2. We will give you a price quote

  3. Agree on a letter of cooperation from both parties

  4. Provide Address and Marking code

  5. The supplier sends the goods to our warehouse, packinglist and invoice

  6. Goods sent to Indonesia

  7. We will take care of the goods until they arrive at your jakarta/warehouse

Calculate Import Cost

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Photo of Export Import Activities.

Experienced in managing more than 16 years and already has 4 offices in 4 main ports spread across Indonesia.

Need help?

Frequently Asked Questions.

I want to import goods but don't understand each step of importing goods?

All can be in one service, WLS will help you from purchasing goods in Chinese marketplaces such as 1688.com, Alibaba.com, Taobao.com, and others. The payment process, shipment, until it arrives at your warehouse, all will be taken care of by us. You just need to contact our Customer Service and we will explain our easy import process for you.

What if my goods are stuck or lost in the middle of the journey?

We will be responsible for every transaction process carried out by providing cargo insurance whose value is up to 1 billion rupiah and we will also provide responsibility if your goods are stuck at customs.

How long does it take to ship goods from China to Indonesia?

For shipping goods by sea, the estimated goods will arrive at your warehouse in approximately 4-5 weeks. Counted when the goods are received in our warehouse

What permissions do you need to have to start importing?

You will need documents such as the legality of the company, whether it’s a CV or PT, NIB that already has access to customs